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While participating in the exchange students are expected to…

  • acknowledge and accept the authority of the teachers supervising our group and whilst I am a participant in this student exchange, I will co-operate with them in every way.
  • Wherever possible, contribute to the welfare of the group as a whole and, if necessary, put their own wishes after the needs of others.
  • not smoke, drink alcohol, take illegal drugs or indulge in any illegal activities
  • not engage in sexual activity or inappropriate behavior. I understand that romantic attachments are discouraged.
  • participate fully in all facets of this exchange; including compulsory information days and events.

Specifically whilst in La Réunion, students are expected to…

  • recognise that they are taking part in an overseas school excursion and that they are representing their school as well as the state of Western Australia and their country, Australia.
  • become an active member of their host family, helping with duties and responsibilities normal to a student of their age.
  • take great care to consider the feelings of their host family, and keep them informed of their whereabouts at all times.
  • understand that their host family will make the final decision about all outings. If they have any doubts, they will contact an accompanying teacher.
  • obey the rules of the local community.
  • not go out late at night unless invited to do so by their host parents and under their supervision.
  • understand that their parents will be expected to reimburse the host family for any phone/internet bills which the host family considers unreasonable. (ie. an unreasonable amount in excess of the household’s regular usage.)
  • understand that if they do not fulfill these conditions, they can be sent home immediately at their parents’ expense.

Specifically whilst hosting in Australia, students and their families are expected to …

  •  host a student from la Réunion for four weeks either prior to travel or in the subsequent summer holidays, in exchange for them being hosted.
  • take great care to consider the feelings needs of their host student, to make them feel welcome at all times and to allow them to gain the most out of their exchange.
  • not expose their host student to cigarette smoke.
  • speak English in the presence of the exchange student.
  • not go out late at night with their host student unless permission is given by their parents and the host students’ parents to do so. Outings must be safe and adult supervision must be provided.
  • limit the hours they work or endeavour not to work at all while hosting.