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WA/La Réunion Student Exchange

Broadening horizons since 1983

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About The Exchange

The WA/La Réunion Student Exchange (Inc), established in the early 1980s, is an annual reciprocal hosting program for students of French in Western Australian schools and students of English in La Réunion. It involves a four week stay in Australia, in late December/January, for La Réunion students. Australian students spend an equivalent amount of time in La Réunion in June/July. In both cases, students are billeted with a family.

The exchange program is organised by a voluntary committee of teachers of French from government and non-government schools. They select and match students with an appropriate French applicant, provide support to the host families during the stay here and deal with organisational matters relating to the exchange. The committee also selects the Western Australian students who go on exchange to La Réunion and four committee members accompany about 40 students to La Réunion each year.

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